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A perfect match! Find out why you should definitely choose a Brompton foldable bicycle for your commuting needs!

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Reasons why

you will benefit from using a Brompton Bike!


Avoid traffic jams

Slip between the cars like and even better than a scooter.
Nothing's gonna stop you and it will be so much easier to pull over for a coffee!


Stay fit

Turn your commute to work or the bakery into a fitness session.
Both the environment and your health will benefit!


Save money!

Last but not least: money savings! No energy crisis will bother you as your muscles will be the only fuel you need. With the help of a few watts of electricity if necessary

Brompton logo
Brompton logo


Here are some of the most common options to keep in mind when choosing your ideal Brompton bicycle.


Brompton bikes are equipped with three types of handlebars, each of which will suit different cyclists and riding styles.

  • H-Type : ideal for cyclists who prefer a more upright riding position.
  • S-Type : A sporty riding position that puts you lower on the bike to reduce air resistance.
  • M-Type : A middle ground between H-type and S-type handlebars. A good all-round stance that suits most cyclists.


All Brompton bikes are equipped with one of four available gear combinations that riders can choose from based on the characteristics of their area:

  • Single speed
  • 2 speeds
  • 3 speeds
  • 6 speeds

6-speed models are the most versatile, but they’re nearly 2 pounds heavier than single-speed builds, so only choose this option if there are gradients in your area.


The last piece of the puzzle are the set-ups with different accessories. In general there are three packages you can choose from:

  • E-Version : This is the lightest and cheapest option that has no fenders, rack or pump.
  • L-Version : This version has the fenders, but not the rear rack. It is suitable for light travelers.
  • R-Version : The best equipped option that includes both mudguards and a rear rack for maximum convenience.


All bikes are, by their nature, “active”. We at Bikecafe, however, have given this name to a whole category of bikes which due to their characteristics are particularly suitable for use in urban mobility (but also for spending wonderful days in nature!)

In an urban landscape marked by pollution and the increasingly high costs associated with traditional mobility, the bike can play a very important role in improving the quality of life for all of us.

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Mobilità urbana sostenibibile: Brompton C Line Explore 01 - Fine Coral-min
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More info?

Bikecafe puts its long experience at your disposal
to give you all the information on the types of bikes suitable for urban mobility (and not only).
Together we will find the solution that best suits your needs and your budget!
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