SURLY Ice Cream Truck OPS frame



SURLY Ice Cream Truck OPS 2015 frame

Color black

SURLY Ice Cream Truck OPS frame 2015

Surly Ice Cream Truck OPS è il fratello minore della famiglia ICT, con gomme da 3.8 invece che da 5 pollici, diventa più maneggevole, mantenendo la geometria Trail che consente di affrontare anche i percorsi più tecnici.

Ice Cream Truck Ops is a ‘little brother’ of sorts to the Ice Cream Truck but both share the same Surly 4130 triple butted Cro-Moly Ice Cream Truck frame, which can only mean that you’ve come here looking for a trail-approved ripper that can fit some big ass tires. The Ice Cream Truck Ops uses the same 190mm spaced rear end of the standard Ice Cream Truck. With the Surly MDS dropout system you have the option of running a 197×12 thru-axle, 190mm geared or single speed drive train. A 44mm headtube gives you the option of running straight or tapered steerer forks while the Ice Cream Truck Ops comes with our tapered leg, straight blade 150x15mm thru-axle rigid fork. The Ice Cream Truck Ops comes with a middle of the road fat wheel set consisting of our Rolling Darryl 82mm wide rims and Nate 3.8” tires. This wheel set spreads the footprint of the 3.8” Nate tire, giving you more floatation without drastically increasing wheel weight. In short, it’s a good middle ground between the Marge Lite and Clown Shoe rim. The Ice Cream Truck Ops is rounded out by a build kit chosen for its reliable performance. Ice Cream Truck Ops gets our OD crank with 36/22 rings, 120tpi Nate 3.8” tires, a full complement of SLX derailleurs and Microshift 10spd thumb shifters which work well bare handed or if you were to find yourself riding with your hands sheathed in oven mits.


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