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  • SALSA PONY RUSTLER GX1 2016-2631
  • SALSA PONY RUSTLER GX1 2016-2631
  • SALSA PONY RUSTLER GX1 2016-2631
  • SALSA PONY RUSTLER GX1 2016-2631


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Salsa Pony Rustler è la biammortizzata che condivide il telaio con il modello Horsethief, in versione 27,5 Plus.

Salsa Pony Rustler GX sfoggia 120 mm di escursione posteriore con un telaio in carbonio rigido e leggero ed il sistema Split Pivot che rende la corsa attiva anche in frenata, abbianato alle ruote 27,5 Plus.

Pony Rustler is based off its older sibling, the Horsethief; melding the same 120mm of incredible Split Pivot rear wheel suspension technology with the enhanced performance characteristics of 27.5 x 3.0” tires. Like the Horsethief, Pony Rustler can tackle any trail, anywhere with confidence, while raising the bar for how hard you can push through corners, scratch and claw you way up climbs, and monster truck down chunky descents.

Pony Rustler features a Split Pivot chassis with a Boost 148 rear end that makes room for 27.5 x 3.0 tires. The 27.5+ tire features a similar overall tire diameter as a 29er, but with a smaller diameter rim and drastically increased tire volume. Paired with the wider hub flanges of the Boost 148 rear hub, the end result is a stiffer and stronger rear wheel that has the same roll-over characteristics of a 29er, but with an insane amount of climbing and cornering traction due to the sub-20 psi (approaching single-digit tire pressures) than can be run. With traction and tire pressures approaching a fatbike-like threshold, one might mistake the Pony Rustler for feeling and riding like a fatbike. Quite the opposite is true however. The magic of the mid-sized tires is closer to a modern 29er on steroids; think fast, smooth, and nimble. All that rubber on the ground means Pony Rustler redefines where and how you choose to ride your lines.

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