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  • SALSA Mukluk 2 2015-1354
  • SALSA Mukluk 2 2015-1354
  • SALSA Mukluk 2 2015-1354
  • SALSA Mukluk 2 2015-1354

SALSA Mukluk 2

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SALSA Mukluk 2 suspension

The Mukluk has become an iconic part of Salsa and the fatbike genre, and it serves as perhaps the best representation of where we have been and where we are heading in the world of fatbikes.

For model year 2015, we’ve made a few notable changes to the Mukluk line, as we have seen how riders are using their fatbikes.

First, all Mukluk models feature hydraulics brakes. We spec’d the amazing Avid BB7 mechanical disc brake for the past five years because of its reliability and simplicity. However, we see more people using their fatbikes as all-season fat mountain bikes. More folks are riding further on bigger terrain and the need for more consistent, powerful brakes is there.

Second, all Mukluk models come equipped with Surly Holy Rolling Darryl rims and 26 x 3.8” Surly Nate tires. It’s not the fattest, or the lightest setup, but this combo is incredibly versatile in all seasons and on all surfaces. The Holy version is on all models to keep the overall bike weight lower, especially in the wheels (rotating weight, you know), and will help to continue to push the boundaries of how people are using fatbikes to explore the world.

Lastly, we’ve spec’d the RockShox Bluto fat suspension fork on Mukluk Ti and a Mukluk 2 model. For quite a few years, Salsa led the push for a fatbike suspension fork. Our excellent partners at RockShox stepped up, and theirBluto fatbike suspension fork will be a major step in redefining fatbikes and what they are capable of. After all, fatbikes ARE mountain bikes.

salsa mukluk 2015

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