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  • SALSA BUCKSAW GX1 2016-2349
  • SALSA BUCKSAW GX1 2016-2349
  • SALSA BUCKSAW GX1 2016-2349
  • SALSA BUCKSAW GX1 2016-2349
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La prima Fat Bike Full 

Disegnata da Dave Weagle, setta i nuovi standard nel mondo delle Fat Bike! Una delle nostre Bici preferite! In test tutto l’anno in negozio!

Bucksaw is a new breed of mountain bike that takes the best attributes of fatbikes and blends them with the proven benefits of Split Pivot™ full-suspension. Floatation and traction are further enhanced by bump absorbing suspension that features a properly tuned leverage ratio and damper unit, in a layout that yields great pedaling efficiency and exceptional braking performance.

Bucksaw will change the way you ride. Every obstacle will be encountered with increased traction and stability. Your choice of lines will increase exponentially, only being limited by your sense of imagination. As long as you can provide the power, Bucksaw will supply the traction.

Where does Bucksaw thrive? Start your list with places where trails don’t exist and go from there. Now add in pretty much any trail in the world, whether dirt, sand, or rock. Picture open country with slickrock to ledge transitions, and big sandy washes. Head out into a vast expanse and let the big fat wheels and efficient suspension do the talking.

Bucksaw. Redefining boundaries.


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